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For Lease: Prime Stevens Drive frontage industrial real estate. 

Each bay features 14' roll up doors and approximately 1,200 square feet. $12/sq ft. 

Contact TCRY at 509-572-5617 for more information.

Available: Various Used Locomotive Components - Diesel Engines - Alternators - Air Compressors - Traction Motors

Contact for more information.

Location: Richland, WA

Brookville Switch Engine

Diesel Direct drive



Brookville Switch Engine (TCRY 99)

We are offering the following surplus EMD SD40-2 parts for purchase from our locomotive fleet:


8 starter cores

2 turbo cores

1 governor core


Associated materials:

2 right and 2 left turbo ducts

4 inter coolers

2 cooling fans

All piping and associated hardware for 2 turbos

Numerous electrical relays


Switch gear and components Motor Braking and Reverser Switch gear (MBRV)

PNSP contactor

3 - 645 Engines less turbo


3 air compressors


Other various parts associated with an EMD SD40-2.


These components were used on locomotives which were retired from the Union Pacific fleet.


For Inquires, please call 509-371-8313 or  email

Used Railroad Ties


Sorry, we do not currently have used railroad ties available for sale. 



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