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Some of our services include:


  • Unit/shuttle train ready

  • Bulk, liquid, dry, palletized cargo handling ability

  • 7 acres paved and lighted laydown with 300’ of run thru track with access from both sides

  • Easy access to Interstate Freeway System

  • Multiple unloading pits

  • Rail to truck and truck to rail transloading

  • Abundant natural gas available

  • 100,000 square foot building with three run thru tracks

  • Inside loading/unloading

  • 4,500’ loop track with 12 acres of build to suit property

  • UPRR service daily

  • 24/7 switching service available

  • 200 rail car yard capacity

  • Steam capabilities available

  • We can accept cars up to 71,500 pounds per axle



TCRY provides on-site freight car switching and rail-related services for companies that operate with inbound, outbound, and in-plant railcar transfers within their own facility. Our services accommodate specific plant, site or operational requirements and can include ordering empty cars for loading, hiring any train service, tracking rail shipments, repairing and maintaining railcars and tracks, and transferring railcars and containers to TCRY for rail freight service. Other services are available as well—just tell us your needs.



TCRY offers and provides industrial property to customers. We have inside warehousing available as well as outside laydown area. Often, customers are not directly served with a rail spur and need to truck from their location to a rail spur so their product can be transloaded to rail. Or the reverse, and need to transload from rail to truck for ultimate delivery. Arrangements can be made in which the customer transloads at one of our facilities or utilizes a third party to do so. Whatever the case, give us a call to talk about your interest in shipping by rail.


and Reload

Reload / Transload: TCRY’s facilities include a 4,500’ loop track with 12 acres of available space. Facilities include truck to rail and rail to truck elevators, loading docks, and onsite availability of heavy lifting equipment.


TCRY also provides assistance with trucking, having access to almost any type of truck and trailer you might need to move your product to or from one of our transload sites. 


Unit and
Shuttle Trains

A Shuttle Train is a dedicated set of 65+ cars that move as a unit from one origin to one destination.


A Unit Train is a dedicated set of more than 100 cars that move as a unit from one origin to one destination.


•TCRY is UPRR's agent and handling carrier providing daily service

•Volume discounts apply to unit/shuttle trains

•Transloading facilities available

•Transloading personnel available



TCRY has the capability to handle special transportation needs. Shipments of nuclear waste materials have been undertaken at the Department of Energy site at Hanford. Specialty railcars have been fabricated to handle Type A Nuclear Waste items in movements from Hanford to decontamination facilities. Oversize generators used in nuclear production programs have been moved from the Energy Northwest nuclear facility at Hanford by TCRY in a safe, efficient and secure manner. 




TCRY's locomotive and car repair facility provides the ability to identify, fix, fabricate and rotate back into service locomotives and all types of railcars. While important to assuring that rail equipment is safe and effective, TCRY builds new, repairs existing, and maintains railroad tracks.  





TCRY's facility is home to Barnhart Crane's Richland branch. Barnhart specializes in Heavy Transportation and Engineered Heavy Rigging, specifically custom engineered applications for multiple markets including Nuclear Power. 


Because the Richland branch is part of the entire Barnhart Team, through the combined resources of all of our branches, we can offer a wide variety of Heavy Rigging and Transportation Services anywhere in the U.S. and across the globe. Call Barnhart today.  (509) 554-5622


Equipment available though the Richland Branch includes Barnhart's Modular Lift Tower, Gantry Systems, Platform trailers, Prime Movers, Dolly Transporters, Slide systems, Hydraulic Jacking, and barging with row-row operations. 


Also, our nationwide inventory gives you access to a wide variety of equipment; including cranes from 8.5 tons to 1,760 tons, Hydraulic Gantries, Goldholfer platform trailers, Heavy Rigging including Modular Lift Tower, Gantry Systems, Slide Systems, forklifts and other unique rigging tools.



Tri-City Railroad offers industrial switch engines for lease or rent. 


Our switchers are offered on a warrantied basis with a full maintenance program available. Please contact us to learn more.

Engine 68

Plymouth Switch Engine

Model: MDT

Diesel Direct Drive

Engine 69

GE Switch Engine

Model: L-6609


Engine 99

Brookville Switch Engine

Diesel Direct Drive

Engine 100

Plymouth Switch Engine

Diesel Direct Drive

Brookville Switch Engine
(TCRY 99)


Location: Richland, WA

Brookville Switch Engine

Diesel Direct drive



Misc Equipment

4 ea. 1,490 Gallon, 45 Degree cone bottom tanks with stand for each. (New) 

1 ea. 400 Gallon biodiesel processor plus 2 expansion tanks. (New) 

7 ea. Centrifugal pumps. (New) 

3 ea. Roots blowers. (Used) 


For Inquires, please email

Used Railroad Ties


Sorry, we do not currently have used railroad ties available for sale. 



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