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Real Estate / Industrial Property

TCRY offers and provides industrial property to customers.  We have inside warehousing available as well as outside laydown area.  Often, customers are not directly served with a rail spur and need to truck from their location to a rail spur so their product can be transloaded to rail.  Or the reverse, and need to transload from rail to truck for ultimate delivery.  TCRY provides transload service and also arrangements can be made in which the customer transloads at one of our facilities itself or utilizes a third party to do so. Whatever the case, give us a call to talk about your interest in shipping by rail.

Property Access

Safety is always the first priority of Tri-City Railroad. Persons entering railroad property without scheduled and expressed written permission are considered trespassing and may be arrested and prosecuted.


Visitor and Vendor Release:

A visitor or vendor release must be filled out in full and submitted to Tri-City Railroad Company before entering railroad property.


Visitor Release (Click to Download)

Vendor Release (Click to Download)


Insurance Requirements:

Tri-City Railroad requires the following insurance requirements before entering railroad property:

  • Commercial General Liability Insurance. (CGL)

  • Business Automobile Insurance

  • Workers compensation and Employers Liability Insurance

  • Railroad Protective Liability Insurance


Full insurance requirements can be found at the link below:

Tri-City Railroad Insurance Requirements (Click to Download)


Crossing/Encroachment Application for Permit

Fill out application below to begin permit process. 


Crossing/Encroachment Application for Permit (Click to Download)


Flagging Request:

Tri-City Railroad reserves the right to require Flagger Protection for any project.


Submit Completed Forms:

Completed forms can be submitted by email to or faxed to Tri-City Railroad at 509.582.4964. If you have any questions please contact us at 509.371.8313.

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