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TCRY participates in Thurston County Regional Rail Plan

Regional Rail Plan The Thurston Regional Planning Council (TRPC) is updating its rail plans and policies, compiling the information into a Regional Rail Plan. To facilitate discussion, TRPC has prepared a draft map of the railroad system in and surrounding Thurston County. Findings and policies developed as part of the Regional Rail Plan will be incorporated into the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), the strategic blueprint for the region's transportation system. The Regional Rail Plan will address: - History of Rail in Thurston County - Existing Conditions - Right-of-Way Preservation - Passenger Rail - Freight Rail - Safety and Efficiency - Regulatory Environment - Finance - Passenger Rail Workgroup Initially, TRPC is focusing on passenger rail issues. TRPC's Passenger Rail Workgroup, meeting since October 2005, is investigating the range of passenger rail options for the region. The Workgroup is developing draft policy and identifying near and long term prospects for TRPC to consider further. The Workgroup's membership includes policy makers from TRPC, the Transportation Policy Board (TPB), and invited representatives with expertise and vested interest in the region's passenger rail system. The Passenger Rail Workgroup meets the third Wednesday of the month at 7 a.m. (see the schedule in downloads). Members include: - Graeme Sackrison, City of Lacey, Chair - George Barner, Community Representative - Virgil Clarkson, City to Lacey - Ron Ernst, Tacoma Rail - Lloyd Flem, Washington Association of Rail Passengers - Kirk Fredrickson, Washington State Department of Transportation - Loren Herrigstad, Washington Association of Rail Passengers - Frank Hensley, Citizen Advisor - Ken Jones, City of Tenino - Pete Kmet City of Tumwater - Jim Longley, Nisqually Tribe - Bob Macleod, Thurston County - Doug Mah, City of Olympia - Karen Messmer, City of Olympia - Don Miller, City of Yelm - Marty Minkoff, Sound Transit - John O'Callahan, City of Tenino - Rhett Peterson, Tri-City & Olympia Railroad - Laura Purcell, City of Bucoda - Jennifer Ryan, Puget Sound Regional Council - Paul Telford, Port of Olympia

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