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Gen X Press Release

BIOFUEL AND DEVELOPMENT FIRMS SIGN AGREEMENT RICHLAND, WA, SEPTEMBER 23, 2009: Out of the ashes the GEN-X Energy Group’s (GEN-X) biofuels efforts will rise again, following a July 4, 2009 fire that destroyed the firm’s 18,000 square-foot biodiesel plant. The plant had been operating since May 2007, in Burbank Washington. GEN-X President Scott Johnson at once set out planning to find a location for a new, expanded facility, already in planning at the time of the fire, now to be named “Phoenix”. GEN-X and 10 North Washington Avenue LLC (10NWA) have identified that location and have agreed to explore the establishment of a business venture to build a new GEN-X biofuels production facility. The location is on property owned by 10NWA in the City of Richland Horn Rapids Industrial Park in Richland, Washington. This property was purchased by 10NWA from the City of Richland. In signing their agreement, Mr. Johnson and 10NWA President Randolph V. Peterson have set in motion the latest significant steps to reestablishing large scale biofuels production in southeastern Washington State. In addition to the production of bio-fuels, planning will include the potential development of storage, loading, and product movement facilities. One goal in the efforts will be developing terminal storage for raw materials and finished bio-fuels on the property. An important emphasis will be on achieving unique cost benefits from servicing such terminal storage facilities by rail. 10 NWA and GEN-X will work toward developing the ability to produce biofuels at volumes sufficient to minimize rail transport costs by employing shipments via longer trains, carrying greater quantities of both feed stock and product. 10NWA is one of the Peterson Group of Companies in the Tri-Cities, Washington, and shares interest in rail operations with its sister company, the Tri-City & Olympia Railroad Company (TCRY). The TCRY serves Richland and the U. S. Department of Energy Hanford Site as operator and lessee of the Port of Benton railroad. 10NWA and TCRY have as a joint goal the development of local renewable energy technology. The association of 10NWA with GEN-X offers a unique combination of business capabilities and potential in southeast Washington to further that renewable energy development goal. GEN-X’s new facility will be an expanded multi-feedstock, multi-product “advanced bio-fuels refinery” (ABR). The Phoenix ABR will process a variety of used food oils, non-food virgin oils and other renewable feedstocks into clean, safe, local biodiesel, renewable diesel and marine biofuel.

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