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New Rail Loop Track

Richland, WA -- January 4, 2011 – Tri-City & Olympia Railroad (TCRY) and its development affiliate, 10 North Washington Ave., LLC (10NWA) today announced they completed construction of a new Rail Loop Track located in Richland, WA. The new Rail Loop Track is located on land owned by 10NWA with rail service provided by TCRY. The land in which the Rail Loop Track is located was purchased from the the City of Richland formerly owned by the United States Department Energy Hanford Site comprised of nuclear power utilities, national laboratories, and research facilities. The new Rail Loop Track will allow receipt and origination of Unit Trains of various products including agricultural products reducing truck traffic congestion in the Tri-Cities area for movement of these products. Randolph Peterson, TCRY Manager, stated that “TCRY is pleased to be able to construct the Rail Loop Track and to provide rail service to industry on the City of Richland’s Horn Rapids Spur. We believe that this project will enhance local business as well as increase transportation safety. TCRY and 10NWA have worked, and will continue to work closely in this effort. TCRY and 10NWA continue their efforts to develop additional and enhanced business opportunities and economic growth in the Eastern Washington community.”

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