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City of Vallejo Rail Track

Think again Published By Times Herald Posted: 07/06/2011 01:00:46 AM PDT In all the excitement at the last City Council meeting, one very important agenda item was nearly overlooked: A use agreement between the city and T&O Railroad Company to restore long-term rail on Mare Island. This is great news for Vallejo, because it re-establishes our commitment to making Mare Island an industrial and manufacturing center, in addition to promoting recreational activities and residential uses. In anticipation of this new partnership, T&O Railroad Company has already invested $200,000 in railroad repairs and upgrades. The promise of consistent and permanent rail on the island offers the existing 85 businesses a competitive advantage -- another means of transporting goods and services. In addition, it will act as a "business incubator" and attract new business to the island. Our commitment to long-term rail to and from the island will generate more jobs, adding to the current 1,872 jobs that are already there. If you think nothing is happening on Mare Island, think again. In the first six months of 2011 alone, five new businesses were established, 11 current businesses renewed their leases, and three existing businesses expanded operations. We're laying a solid foundation for promoting sustainable economic development and growth with compatible commercial uses on Mare Island. Thank you T&O Railroad Company for improving Vallejo's competitive edge and promoting industry on the island. We're about to exit bankruptcy, the City of Vallejo is ready to do business and the doors are open. Marti Brown Vallejo City Council

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