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Ukrainian farmers tour giant freezer in Richland

RICHLAND, Wash. -- Farmers from Ukraine are in the Tri-Cities this week, hoping to learn lessons from the local agriculture industry.

The farmers are with a Congressional program called Open World.

It brings in people from countries in Europe, Asia, and Africa to learn from American industries. With an interpreter in tow, Ukrainian farmers got a peak inside what will be the largest freezer in all of North America. "Our total footprint is 455,000 square feet. Cubic feet capacity is in excess of 36 million cubic square feet in the freezer and 40 million cubic feet total space within the building," says Burnie Taylor of Preferred Freezer Services. Roman Mikhaylok grows soy and wheat on his family farm in Kiev. He's impressed by what he's seen from area farmers. The group is touring apple orchards, an asparagus farm, a winery, Con Agra and more. "We are looking for new technology, innovative technology in the production sphere of wheat especially, because I know this region's got the wheat land," says Mikhaylok. This giant freezer will house mostly potato products and other vegetables. It's expected to open in July and create more than 100 permanent jobs.

Article and video from KEPR TV

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