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Crosstie production, purchases rose in December, full year 2015

Crosstie production in December 2015 rose 7.9 percent to 2.27 million units and purchases rose to 1.6 percent to 1.7 million units from November levels, according to the Railway Tie Association (RTA). Compared with year-ago levels, both production and purchases rose in December. Production soared 20.4 percent and purchases climbed 13.5 percent last month compared with December 2014. Production for the full year 2015 jumped 30.9 percent and purchases increased 5.3 percent compared with 2014's levels, according to RTA's December report. December production was 25.6 percent above the average of the previous five Decembers. Purchases last month were 7.5 percent above the average of previous five Decembers. "In 2015, production experienced [a] robust rebound after two years of decline, while purchases increased modestly following [a] decline in 2014," the report stated.

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