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Georgia & Florida Railway deploys new revenue sharing system

Georgia & Florida Railway LLC, an affiliate of OmniTRAX Inc., has implemented Railinc Corp.'s Interline Settlement System (ISS) in partnership with Norfolk Southern Railway, CSX and GE Transportation's Digital Solutions business. The system is designed to make shipping by rail easier for customers, OmniTRAX officials said in a press release. ISS is the standard process in the rail industry to share revenue when two or more railroads handle a shipment. Additional OmniTRAX short lines will convert to ISS in working with the company's Class I partners over the next few months. The arrangement marks a "significant accomplishment" for OmniTRAX, said David Rohal, senior vice president of customer and Class I relations. "The ISS process brings us to the same standard used by the major railroads providing the automation our customers and rail partners expect," he said. "This supports our ability to grow business and enhances our industrial development and real estate activities, key differentiators for OmniTRAX-managed companies." ISS is the accepted standard method by which the rail industry settles interline freight revenues via electronic data interchange (EDI). Through EDI messaging, the system distributes revenue waybills, including rates and divisions, and provides a mechanism for concurrence prior to settlement, OmniTRAX officials said.

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