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TCRY provides on-site freight car switching and rail-related services for companies that operate with inbound, outbound, and in-plant railcar transfers within their own facility. Our services accommodate specific plant, site or operational requirements and can include ordering empty cars for loading, hiring any train service, tracking rail shipments, repairing and maintaining railcars and tracks, and transferring railcars and containers to TCRY for rail freight service. Other services are available as well—just tell us your needs.



TCRY offers and provides industrial property to customers. We have inside warehousing available as well as outside laydown area. Often, customers are not directly served with a rail spur and need to truck from their location to a rail spur so their product can be transloaded to rail. Or the reverse, and need to transload from rail to truck for ultimate delivery. Arrangements can be made in which the customer transloads at one of our facilities or utilizes a third party to do so. Whatever the case, give us a call to talk about your interest in shipping by rail.


and Reload

Reload / Transload: TCRY’s facilities include a 4,500’ loop track with 12 acres of available space. Facilities include truck to rail and rail to truck elevators, loading docks, and onsite availability of heavy lifting equipment.


TCRY also provides assistance with trucking, having access to almost any type of truck and trailer you might need to move your product to or from one of our transload sites. 



The Tri-City Railroad (TCRY) established in 1999, is a common carrier railroad and defined by the United States Surface Transporation Board as Class III.  


As the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) agent and handling carrier in Richland, Washington we originate and terminate rail freight daily to and from destinations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico for UPRR customers.


We operate and maintain the railroad line owned by the Port of Benton (POB), under a long term lease agreement. The POB's purpose is to foster economic development and trade by providing quality infrastructure and multimodal transportation throughout Benton County, Washington. The POB has and continues to play an instrumental role in the overall economic growth of Eastern Washington and Benton County. We value our relationship with the POB and enjoy working with the POB on some of its many local economic development projects.  We maintain investment interest in other railroad properties also.


TCRY along with the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 280 and the Hanford Atomic Metal Trades Council (HAMTC) together have a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) embracing a strong commitment to safety, mutual fair dealing, employee welfare, efficiencies, growth and defense of TCRY's railroad operations included in the CBA and the associated Union jobs the CBA generates. 


We transload, truck, fabricate, repair, construct new track, maintain existing track, consult for railroad customers, provide technical expertise when requested and provide industrial property to customers for their use that create local jobs and stimulate local economic development.  

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